Pictures from the 13th Annual Suhaag Show

Thanks to all those that visited us at the 13th annual Suhaag Show at the Toronto Congress Center this past weekend.

Navy Blue – my new favorite color.  We used a lot of black last year and this year it’s going to be Navy blue.  This past wedding season I think everyone over did the purple with outfits and decor.  I really didn’t want to do another purple set up so i decided to use navy blue Taffeta, Hot pink Taffeta, Champagne Taffeta and Ivory sheer to soften everything up.   The ivory panels in the backdrop were 3-D which created some depth.  Flowers we used were different shades of pink roses, lavender roses, aqua blue orchids, purple orchids and white hydrangea.

HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3063 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3051 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3050 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3048HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3093 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3037 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3036 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3034 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3032 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3028 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3027 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3026 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-3009 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-2998 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-2987 HS-KC-suhaag-2010-fall-2983

Photos by Harvinder Singh

Have a nice fall season!


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