Photos from the Winter Suhaag Show – 2011

Since its been a little hectic after the show, Mandy asked me (Harvinder, her husband) to write this post. You may remember me from this fantastic lighting post.

As someone who appreciates creativity and minimalistic designs – Mandy and the team really outdid themselves on such a beautiful and striking decor. I’m really all about about simplicity and lack of visual clutter –  they created just that by applying a really clean backdrop with really cool custom tufted wall, clear acrylic candelabras and just enough shiny stuff to compliment the bride. The very fact that I know of and can appreciate a tufted wall and cool candelabra is sign that I really listen. Harvinder +1pt

Well done guys!





Custom glass pillars



A new and unique centerpiece design

All photos taken by Harvinder Singh

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