Setting the Mood with Lighting

I’m Harvinder, Mandy’s husband.

She does an awesome job of making weddings look awesome! I’d like to thank her for asking me do this guest post for her on how to use lighting for your event. I’d like to mention that I am by no means an authority on event lighting or wedding decor but I am a Web designer, Imaging enthusiast and I’m hoping I can give you some insights on how to use lighting to set the mood for your event.  These disciplines are quite relative and a lot of the same principals apply.

If you watched the Oscars a while back or any other recent glamorous event, you saw  a grand stage with outrageous structures but what really pulls everything together and sets the mood is the lighting. Much like a photograph, a scene is painted with light, color and the tones vary, depending on what type of lighting you use. For photography or video production, its crucial to match the color of the light with the ambient lighting used by a venue. This is what gives good photographs a  natural look. In terms of lighting a banquet hall or venue, the same rule should also apply. Every venue has their own decor and what has always annoyed me is that sometimes when you use certain colors to decorate the hall, it does not always coalesce. The decor should  compliment the hall and thankfully some venues, like Payal Banquet hall are very neutral and almost any decor or colours can be used.
You have your backdrop, chair covers and centerpieces and the final element to further enhance the occasion is lighting.

DJ’s do an incredible job of lighting up the dance floor and getting you pumped up or slowed down for the first dance. Once again, the same should be applied to the rest of the hall. Lighting a hall has really lifted off since the advent of LED lighting. The many advantages of LED lighting is what has allowed them to take it mainstream:

  • They don’t emit much heat, so can be used near or in a backdrop setup
  • Some banquet halls aren’t equipped to take on the load a lot of lights and this is where LEDs really shine (don’t mind the pun), they don’t take much power to run
  • They’re relatively inexpensive for what you get
  • LEDs usually come in RGB setup which means you have quite a few color options.

I hope this was informative and helpful for you in making some decisions on which elements to use for your upcoming setup. Of course, here are some photos where we’ve used LED lighting setups to enhance the decor and set the mood and most importantly  give you more bang for your hard earned dollar.

Thanks for reading. Do you agree, disagree? Leave a comment!

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